AiDEX® CGM Academy

2nd lesson - applying and pairing your transmitter

Module Content

  • Chose application site
  • Precautions for sensor installation
  • Attaching AiDEX transmitter
  • Transmitter pairing
  • How to get transmitter serial number
  • Sensor warm up duration
  • Removing AiDEX sensor &de-attache transmitter


Watch the video first, then read the sections below.

no need to spend extra money, each sensor pack comes with an overpatch

Aidex CGM overpatch installation tips.

1- Clean the area around the sensor

2- place the over patch as is over the sensor

3- Peel 1st section of adhesive protection

4- Peel 2nd section & secure the overpatch

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get from AiDEX users

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