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Equil Pump ! Continuous Insulin Delivery

Equil Patch Insulin Pump


Equil Patch Insulin Pump

Adhesive, tubeless & light-weight continuous insulin delivery pump that features wireless connection (Bluetooth) to a personal diabetes assistant (PDA) controller.

The patch pump has the same size as a matchbox, weighs 23 grams and overall measures 59.5×40mm. An integral self-adhesive pad attaches the device to the body, and the cannula delivers insulin directly from the 200U onboard reservoir. As a result, tubes and wires are no longer required to connect & control the reservoir unit.

Full training program: Pump use, special cases, and carb counting are included in the price. To learn more, visit Equil Academy

Dedicated support line: For pump users through an authorized diabetes educator


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Equil™ Patch Insulin Pump Quick Guide & User Manual

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Total price: $4,320.00
         Inovative Specifications

   Equil® Insulin Pump features


Deliver a bolus, move freely &play sports without any concern of tubes

precise dosage

Fine tune your boluses & basal rates in steps as small as 0.025U

Quick Bolus

On pump quick button to administer a bolus without PDA

Helpful Alerts

Sound, Leds & vibrations alarms. Notifications on the PDA display.

Light weight

free movement, Equil is smaller and lighter than conventional insulin pump (23g only)

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The complete guide to Equil continuous glucose delivery system

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How Equil™ Insulin Pump working ?

Equil insulin pump installation step 1Equil insulin pump installation step 2Equil insulin pump installation step 3

Step 1: Fill the Reservoir and Assemble the Pump

Step 2: Administer the Infusion set

Step 3: Use the Settings Wizard to Initialize the Pump

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Here we have listed some of Equil pump user's questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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please download Quick Guide & User Manual

Data Sharing requires internet connectivity on the main user application 

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