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AiDEX Continuous Glucose Monitoring


$110.00 $120.00 -9% OFF

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3 sensors (30 Days) 6 sensors (60 Days) 9 sensors (90 Days)


Seamless Glucose Monitoring with AiDEX Sensors. Say goodbye to fingersticks and hello to effortless monitoring. AiDEX Sensors offer continuous glucose measurements every 5 minutes for a full 14 or 10 days, giving you a comprehensive view of your glucose levels.

Enjoy the convenience of a quick one-hour warm-up, and easily optional calibration. Experience comfortable, under-the-skin monitoring that simplifies your diabetes management

$110.00 $120.00 -9% OFF

Packe selection

3 sensors (30 Days) 6 sensors (60 Days) 9 sensors (90 Days)

Products will be delivered between 2 and 4.

AiDEX CGM Quick Guide & User Manual

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         AiDEX CGM - Continues Glucose Monitoring "CGM" System Specifications

14 or 10 days sensor

4 years transmitter

zero fingerpicks

no calibration

phone and watch

iOS & Android app

accurate reading

every 5 mint

high & low alarms

4 adjustable

data sharing

doctors & friends

The most affordable CGM system in the same product class

How AiDEX CGM &CGM system working ?

3 easy steps to install AiDEX CGM

Step1: Insert the sensor
Easily insert the AiDEX small sensor beneath the skin with a one-touch auto sensor applicator

Step 2: Attached the transmitter
With a simple push, attach your transmitter to the installed sensor in the correct direction.

Step 3 : Acses readings
A small touch screen receiver (PDA) or app for compatible smart phones displays glucose data in real-time.

Do you have more questions about the AiDEX CGM System?

please download AiDEX Sensor Quick Guide & User Manual

Try starter kit! Everything you need for one month

Designed for people new to AiDEX CGM , Limited once per user every 4 years

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get from AiDEX users

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our Compatibility devices for a list of compatible smart devices.

Make diabetes treatment decisions using a blood glucose meter (BGM) if the AiDEX App readings do not match your symptoms. 

Data Sharing requires internet connectivity on the main user application 

please visit Health Care & Aidex community Web Portal for more detailed information

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