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AiDEX Continuous Glucose Monitoring

AiDEX CGM Start-Up Packages

$110.00 $120.00 -9% OFF

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3 sensors (1 Month) 6 sensors (2 Month) 9 sensors (3 Month)

AiDEX CGM Start-Up Packages

New to Aidex? Discover the Aidex Start-Up Packages. Begin your journey to better glucose control. The Package includes:

  • 1 Transmitter (FREE)
  • AiDEX CGM sensors for 1, 2, 3, or 6 Months (Choose Your Duration)
Easily, place AiDEX sensor on the upper arm or abdomen and enjoy the flexibility of sharing glucose data with family and caregivers. Set low and high glucose alarms (with 6 different types) for customized monitoring.
Benefit from a 4-year Transmitter warranty sensor replacement in your next order while Aidex CGM stays waterproof, suitable for showering, swimming, and smart phones mobile app avalible for iOS, Android, and smartwatches.
$110.00 $120.00 -9% OFF

Packe selection

3 sensors (1 Month) 6 sensors (2 Month) 9 sensors (3 Month)

Products will be delivered between 4 and 5.

AiDEX CGM Quick Guide & User Manual

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         AiDEX CGM Start-Up Packages - Continues Glucose Monitoring "CGM" System Specifications

14 or 10 days sensor

4 years transmitter

zero fingerpicks

no calibration

phone and watch

iOS & Android app

accurate reading

every 5 mint

high & low alarms

4 adjustable

data sharing

doctors & friends

The most affordable CGM system in the same product class

How AiDEX CGM Start-Up Packages &CGM system working ?

3 easy steps to install AiDEX CGM

Step1: Insert the sensor
Easily insert the AiDEX small sensor beneath the skin with a one-touch auto sensor applicator

Step 2: Attached the transmitter
With a simple push, attach your transmitter to the installed sensor in the correct direction.

Step 3 : Acses readings
A small touch screen receiver (PDA) or app for compatible smart phones displays glucose data in real-time.

Do you have more questions about the AiDEX CGM System?

please download AiDEX Sensor Quick Guide & User Manual

Discover a variety of sensor sections that fit your needs!

Designed for people who have experience AiDEX starter kit , Limited once per user every 2 months

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get from AiDEX users

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our Compatibility devices for a list of compatible smart devices.

Make diabetes treatment decisions using a blood glucose meter (BGM) if the AiDEX App readings do not match your symptoms. 

Data Sharing requires internet connectivity on the main user application 

please visit Health Care & Aidex community Web Portal for more detailed information

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