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4th lesson - AiDEX calibration tips

Module Content

  • Understanding continuous glucose monitoring measurement concepts
  • Difference between reading in interstitial fluid and blood
  • Choose right time for calibration
  • How to calibrate AiDEX CGM
  • Recording blood glucose readings


Watch the video first, then read the sections below.

Dow you need to calibrate AiDEX

It is quite common if you test your blood using different or the same Blood Glucose meters at the same time, to get two different readings. Meanwhile, you got third different reading from AiDEX, Which one is should use ?

In clinical studies, accuracy of blood glucose meters and AiDEX are measured against YSI analyzer reference values. Therefore, the AiDEX and meter readings should be close to each other, but not exactly the same. The percentage of CGM values should always be within ±20% or ±20 mg/dL of the laboratory comparison method results values (YSI).

The rule for ±20% or ±20 mg/dL (1)

to make it easier for you
Check the purple middle column for your meter value.
♴ AiDEX L column on the left shows the lower range that is close to your meter reading.
♵ AiDEX H column on the right shows the Higher range that is close to your meter reading.

For example, the Apricot highlighted cell indicates that the AiDEX reading should be between 96 and 144 mg/dL if your meter reading is 120 mg/dL.

          For more accurate and closer match between your meter and AiDEX reading

        Please consider the following

Your glucose is not changing fats: the meter measures glucose directly in blood, while AiDEX measures glucose in interstitial fluid. And in interstitial fluid glucose normally changes late. As your glucose stabilizes

You are not applying any pressure on the sensor. If something is pressing on your sensor, it could affect your AiDEX readings. The match should get closer once the pressure is relieved.

Sensor is not in its first day of use. Initially, there may be a gap between your meter reading and that of AiDEX. Generally, the matching increases over the first 24 hours.

AiDEX Calibration is Optional

The system is factory-calibrated. Calibrating your AiDEX® CGMS with your meter is not a recommended practice.

Factory calibration technologies such as auto-coding and current/impedance sensing were used to produce sensor batches with low variability. You don't have to calibrate the AiDEXT CGMS with your meter. As a result, the AiDEX CGMS can become more or less accurate, but it should bring the AiDEXTM CGMS values closer to those from meters. The option is only included to make the system more user-friendly.

AiDEX CGM is been designed to help you reduce Hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) unawareness.

Please refer to user Manual for calibration process it is very easy


(1)Freckmann G, Pleus S, Grady M, Setford S, Levy B. Measures of Accuracy for Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices. Journal of diabetes science and technology. 2019;13(3):575-583. doi:10.1177/1932296818812062

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