Equil® Academy

5th lesson - Bolus Injection

Module Content

  • Understanding Boluses
  • Effects of carbohydrates, proteins, & fats on yourblood glucose
  • Meal carb count determines insulin quantity and injection time
  • Bolus Settings
  • Manual Boluses
  • Bolus Presets
  • Extended Boluses
  • Quick Bolus (using bolus button on the
    patch pump or PDA)
  • Canceling a Bolus


Watch the video first, you may check below extended Bolus cases & FAQ's.

check the Settings wizards on module#1 and blous calculator

1. Muto T. Digestion and absorption. Tokyo: Daiichishuppan Co, Ltd. 1988:228.

the higher the fat content of a meal, the longer it will take to leave the stomach(1)

Normal Bolus

Taken immediately. Suitable for most meals.

Dual Bolus

Suitable for Mixed food Pastas and Pizzas

Square Bolus

Gastroparesis or Meals that last for a long time

Everyone's digestive process is the same. The only difference between people is digestion time ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR

Examples for how to use extended bolus

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get from Equil users

Frequently Asked Questions

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