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4th lesson - Basal Rate Adjustment

Module Content

  • Understanding Basal Rate & its
  • Base Basal Rate
  • Quick Basal Program Setup
  • Editing Basal Programs (List Display)
  • Editing Basal Programs (Graph Display)
  • Activating a Basal Program
  • Temporary Basal Rate


Watch the video first, you may check below FAQ's

check the Settings wizards on module#1

Fill the reservoir with an insulin pen?

There is no doubt that it is possible.

It is always recommended to take insulin out of the refrigerator a few hours before using to bring it back to room temperature ¹ ²

1-Association AD. Insulin administration. Diabetes care. 2004;27(suppl_1):s106-s107.

2-Pryce R. Diabetic ketoacidosis caused by exposure of insulin pump to heat and sunlight. BMJ. 2009;338

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