AIDEX AiDEX CGM from $110.00 $120.00
Effortless Glucose Tracking: Experience a convenient way to monitor your glucose levels with AiDEX Sensors. These innovative sensors offer continuous monitoring for a full 14 or 10 days, providing valuable insights. Enjoy a quick one-hour warm-up and optional calibration for a seamless user experience. AiDEX Sensors are comfortable to wear on the back of your upper arm or abdomen and simplify your daily routine.
AIDEX Aidex CGM Transmitter $100.00
Works for 4 years, it is normally a one-time purchase, and is free included in the startup package. You can use the same transmitter every time you install a new sensor.  The transmitter sits on top of the sensor and transmits real-time glucose information to your smart phone or watch app. This provides the option "No Scan" for AiDEX CGM  Size of the sensor & transmitter together are 36x22x8mm, The overall weight is less than 5.5gm. is discreet to wear under clothing.
AIDEX Wholesale AiDEX CGM from $1,980.00 $2,250.00
Unlock Powerful Glucose Monitoring with AiDEXJoin our exclusive Channel Partner Program and access wholesale savings on AiDEX Sensors in bulk.Choose the perfect fit for your needs: 50-Pack Starter Bundle 100-Pack Value Pack Both options include:Streamlined Glucose Tracking: Gain valuable insights into your glucose levels.Convenient Application: Wear the sensor comfortably on your upper arm or abdomen.Mobile App Compatibility: Track your data and stay informed with our iOS, Android, and smartwatch app.Empower your well-being with AiDEX. Contact us today to join the Channel Partner Program!
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