AIDEX AiDEX CGM from $110.00 $120.00
Seamless Glucose Monitoring with AiDEX Sensors. Say goodbye to fingersticks and hello to effortless monitoring. AiDEX Sensors offer continuous glucose measurements every 5 minutes for a full 14 or 10 days, giving you a comprehensive view of your glucose levels. Enjoy the convenience of a quick one-hour warm-up, and easily optional calibration. Experience comfortable, under-the-skin monitoring that simplifies your diabetes management
AIDEX AiDEX CGM Start-Up... from $110.00 $120.00
New to Aidex? Discover the Aidex Start-Up Packages. Begin your journey to better glucose control. The Package includes: 1 Transmitter (FREE) AiDEX CGM sensors for 1, 2, 3, or 6 Months (Choose Your Duration) * Easily, place AiDEX sensor on the upper arm or abdomen and enjoy the flexibility of sharing glucose data with family and caregivers. Set low and high glucose alarms (with 6 different types) for customized monitoring. * Benefit from a 4-year Transmitter warranty sensor replacement in your next order while Aidex CGM stays waterproof, suitable for showering, swimming, and smart phones mobile app avalible for iOS, Android, and smartwatches.
AIDEX Aidex CGM Transmitter $100.00
Works for 4 years, it is normally a one-time purchase, and is free included in the startup package. You can use the same transmitter every time you install a new sensor.  The transmitter sits on top of the sensor and transmits real-time glucose information to your smart phone or watch app. This provides the option "No Scan" for AiDEX CGM  Size of the sensor & transmitter together are 36x22x8mm, The overall weight is less than 5.5gm. is discreet to wear under clothing.
AIDEX Subscribe and Save from $576.00 $720.00
AiDEX is now more accessible than ever, with the Subscribe & Save you can wear the AiDEX CGM full-time and maximize your savings. If you are new to AiDEX, we recommend ordering the startup kit otherwise your are in the right place. Receive a free shipping on all AiDEX CGM sensors through the contract period, sent to you every 80 days. While payment will be processed automatically every month. Two contract durations are available for Subscribe and Save: 6 x Months 12 x Months
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