Blood sugar monitoring kit VS continuous blood sugar monitoring device

A blood sugar monitoring kit (blood glucose monitoring) is a regular way of managing your glucose levels which is commonly used by diabetes patients. A blood sugar monitoring kit allows you to check your blood glucose levels routinely and find out when the sugar level is too high or too low in both cases serious health problems can be caused. 

Knowing about your blood glucose levels helps you to decide which food caused changes in your blood glucose levels and which exercise or medication is required. Or do you need to visit your doctor or can you manage it at home? 

Different measuring devices for blood sugar levels:

No doubt that a blood sugar monitoring kit is blood glucose monitoring (BGM) is one of the most popular ways of measuring your glucose levels. A small machine is used for analyzing your blood. A lancet is attached to the diabetes machine which pricks your fingertip to obtain blood. A blood glucose meter then further tells you about your current blood sugar levels. Glucose monitoring devices are small yet easy to operate. But pricking your finger every day and several times a day can be painful and tiring. A blood sugar monitoring kit can give you results in seconds but cannot tell you what your sugar level will be after one hour. Even though you are attending some important meeting or an occasion you need to excuse yourself to check your blood glucose levels. But in contrast to that Continuous glucose monitoring device are way more simple and efficient. 

Continuous Blood sugar monitor:

 CGMs are nowadays becoming increasingly popular among many other diabetes machines as it does not require finger pricking every time you can check your glucose levels from your interstitial fluid. The interstitial fluids sit between the cells of your body. A continuous blood sugar monitor works like a sensor that gives readings on its receiver device which can be a mobile app or smartwatch. Some of the popular FreeStyle Libre is applied preferably on arms whereas Aidex CGM is preferred to apply on your abdomen where within seconds painless scans are done and you will receive your current glucose levels on your reading apps. 

These CGM readers can store data up to 90 days and can provide reading from anytime to eight hours ago. 

CGM is way more convenient and ideal to monitor your glucose levels continuously. You can apply a sensor on your body while you swim, exercise, or take a bath. Unlike finger pricking all you need to do is to check your phone or smartwatch for your data. Is just same like you are checking your phone. 

CGM is the perfect solution for all those who are looking for hassle-free regular checkups where they can forget to test their glucose levels again and again. This monitoring device is also best for children who fear needle pricking and along with several times a day can be quite painful for them as well. You can also share your glucose readings with your caretakers or your beloved one who is always looking forward to you. If you are interested in purchasing some of the top-rated CGM including Aidex, Dexcom, and freestyle libre then we are here for you offering amazing deals and budget-friendly prices. 

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