Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices:

It is a wearable technology that sometimes allows us to track our blood sugar levels or blood glucose. When you attach a continuous glucose monitoring CGM device it allows you to regulate your glucose levels 24 hours a day while wearing it. 

Why do people need to track blood sugar levels?

Some people have 2 types of diabetes, in 1 diabetes type your body does not produce enough or any hormone insulin, whereas in type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but is unable to use it effectively. Therefore we need to track our glucose levels frequently to make sure to use insulin effectively that our body needs. High glucose levels (hyperglycemia) and low glucose levels (hypoglycemia)  both can be life-threatening if not treated properly. 

Diabetes affects everyone differently, while you are doing everything controlled and right, you still can have challenges in maintaining and tracking blood sugar levels.

So for that, we offer solutions in the shape of, an AiDEX and Dexcom  continuous Glucose monitoring device.

What Aidex Continuous Glucose monitoring device offers:

While unboxing the Aidex CGM device you may find a transmitter with 4 years warranty  and AiDEX CGM sensors. It is your choice to choose the duration for a sensor which can be  1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months. In the 1-month category, you will be given 3 sensors, 6 sensors in 2 months, and 9 sensors in 3 months, and vice versa. CGM sensors need to replace every 10-15  days whereas AiDEX and Dexcom transmitter can be reusable for 4 years. 

Should I need Continous Glucose monitoring CGM to manage my diabetes:

Many of us may have used the regular blood glucose levels tester which is used through fingerstick blood checks and gives one-time readings.To keep track of your diabetes you need to do it again and again. Whereas placing CGM on your body once can give you blood glucose readings every 5 minutes through sensors installed in device. 

How to place the AiDEX sensor on your upper arm or abdomen:

Placing the AiDEX sensor is way easier and without any hassle, you can share your blood glucose readings with your loved ones. All you need is to place 4-year guaranteed transmitter sensors on your body, you can set 6 variations of alarm from low blood glucose levels to high blood glucose levels. AiDEX CGM stays waterproof in showering or swimming. Manage your alarms and tracking of blood glucose levels can be done on its IOS or Android mobile app or smartwatch.  

Some of the benefits of a Continuous Glucose monitoring device used to manage diabetes:

  • CGM shows us the bigger picture that how different activities, foods, illnesses, or stress can affect diabetes levels. This information helps your care provider to keep more understanding of how to control your blood glucose levels more effectively. 
  • CGM provides variant patterns and its friendly interference app allows you to keep track of diabetes levels. 
  • And yes CGM helps you to minimize your regular fingerstick checks which you do frequently. 

If you are looking for continuous glucose monitoring devices for yourself or your loved ones then AiDEX CGM is here offering you a free transmitter on your first purchase. Offering a 4-year warranty for sensors. Its app is available in both Android and IOS versions which is easy to understand and operate. You can have accurate readings in every 5 minutes. Sensor warranty is for a minimum of 1 year of its shelf life from the date of its manufacturing. Sensors warranty can be replaced in your next purchase. It is hassle-free and you are free to enjoy your daily activities while AiDEX CGM does its work. Tracking your daily blood glucose readings and keeping you aware through a mobile app or smartwatch. 


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