Cutting-Edge Tubeless Insulin Pump with Life-Saving Features

EQUIL Ease! Your Guardian with Auto-Suspend

Equil Ease Patch Insulin Pump


Equil Ease Patch Insulin Pump

Elevate your health with Equil Ease, the advanced insulin pump designed for superior safety and comfort. This innovative extension of the Equil insulin pump integrates seamlessly with the Aidex Continuous Glucose Monitoring system for real-time glucose tracking. Unique to Equil Ease, it features smart suspension of insulin during hypoglycemia and automatic resumption post-recovery, offering a critical safety net not available in the standard Equil.

Inheriting the admired design of the Equil pump, Equil Ease offers a matchbox-sized, 23-gram, tubeless, and adhesive solution for discreet, continuous insulin delivery.

Full training program: Pump use, special cases, and carb counting are included in the price. To learn more, visit Equil Academy

Dedicated support line: For pump users through an authorized diabetes educator


Products will be delivered between 2 and 4.

Equil™ Patch Insulin Pump Quick Guide & User Manual

         Inovative Specifications

   Equil® Insulin Pump features


Deliver a bolus, move freely &play sports without any concern of tubes

precise dosage

Fine tune your boluses & basal rates in steps as small as 0.025U

Quick Bolus

On pump quick button to administer a bolus without PDA

Helpful Alerts

Sound, Leds & vibrations alarms. Notifications on the PDA display.

Light weight

free movement, Equil is smaller and lighter than conventional insulin pump (23g only)

          Check Equil® academy - Easier than you expected          

The complete guide to Equil continuous glucose delivery system

take a break ! from multiple daily injections to better

How Equil™ Insulin Pump working ?

Equil insulin pump installation step 1Equil insulin pump installation step 2Equil insulin pump installation step 3

Step 1: Fill the Reservoir and Assemble the Pump

Step 2: Administer the Infusion set

Step 3: Use the Settings Wizard to Initialize the Pump

Discover a variety of sensor package selections that fit your needs!

Designed for people who have experience AiDEX starter kit , Limited once per user every 2 months

Here we have listed some of Equil pump user's questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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please download Quick Guide & User Manual

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please visit Health Care & Aidex community Web Portal for more detailed information

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