AiDEX Continues Glucose Monitoring "CGM" System Specifications

   Why to use AiDEX CGM system

No scan

phone & Watch App's

Zero fingerpicks

No calibration

14 days sensor

& 4 years transmitter

4 Alarms

high, low & fast changes


trusted for dose decision

Compared to the same CGM features, AiDEX is the most affordable in the market.   

Pick which Price Plan is best for you?

Starter Kit

Save $100

It is the ideal place to start if you are new to the AiDEX Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. As a one-time offer, you will save $100 on the Starter Kit .

All you need for one month's trial of AiDEX CGM is included
in this package

   * 2 x Sensors

   * 1 x Transmitter

    AiDEX Starter kit     

Sensor Packs

Save up to 15%

A free transmitter is normally included with the starter kit. You will now be able to choose one of the four packs available for the sensor.

A maximum of five sensors per user will be allowed every two months. 

   * 2 x Sensors - save 5%

   * 3 x Sensors - save 10%

   * 4 x Sensors- save 15%

    AiDEX Sensor Packs   

Subscribe & Save

Save up to 20%

The most straightforward and cost-effective choice. For full year of AiDEX CGM, you will receive everything you need in scheduled, with free shipping.

Each month, payments will be processed automatically using the card listed on your account and every 80 days, deliveries will be sent to you

   * 6 x Months

   * 12 x Months

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The most affordable CGM system in the same product class

How AiDEX continuous glucose monitoring working ?

3 easy steps to install AiDEX CGM

Step1: Insert the sensor
Easily insert the AiDEX small sensor beneath the skin with a one-touch auto sensor applicator

Step 2: Attached the transmitter
With a simple push, attach your transmitter to the installed sensor in the correct direction.

Step 3 : Acses readings
A small touch screen receiver (PDA) or app for compatible smart phones displays glucose data in real-time.

User friendly apps for your smart phone and watch

No Additional cost for Portable Diabetes Assistant

You can download apps for smart phones at the Apple Store and Google Play Store. If your child does not have a smartphone, they can use AiDEX - PDA ( please contact our technical team )

download AiDEX application on play storedownload AiDEX application on Apple store

Do you have more questions about the AiDEX CGM System?

please download AiDEX Sensor Quick Guide & User Manual

Please refer to our Compatibility devices for a list of compatible smart devices.

Make diabetes treatment decisions using a blood glucose meter (BGM) if the AiDEX App readings do not match your symptoms. 

Data Sharing requires internet connectivity on the main user application 

please visit Health Care & Aidex community Web Portal for more detailed information

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